We are happy to announce that we are currently developing our biggest project yet! PARAVOX System 3.0 will implement new features and technologies for ITC research!

These features include:

  • Word ITC 3.0 (Updated from the 2.0 version, adding more device sensor data input (gyroscope, proximity, light frequency and magnetic field) that will enhance accurate results)
  • Paranormal Proximity Alert System (PPAS). (Alerts user if a spirit / entity is close to the device)
  • Upgraded Voice ITC function with the addition of fully engineered sound banks
  • Session audio recording and history load/save features
  • Options to play engineered trigger sounds (some barely auditable to the human ear) that may attract communication
  • Overhaul of the UI/UAX look and feel, for better navigation throughout the application
  • & MORE!

Our release date is TBA, but keep track of our website and forums for the most current updates! We hope to have the application released by June 2021.

Feel free to comment below with questions / suggestions! Thanks!

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